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From Happy Clients and Seminar Attendees

  • 10/6/20 Estate Planning Client
    Wonderful experience planning for our family’s future. Mr. Gilson took the time to listen to our needs and explained what we needed to do, as well as gave us options

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  • 6/22/21 Estate Planning Client
    Mr. Gilson explained all the details our will would include. Overall Mr. Gilson and his staff were very professional, caring ,and friendly. Our documents were prepared very quickly, and all was done in a timely manner. 

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  • 6/8/21 Estate Planning Clients
    We are very thankful to be working with Cim for our Estate Planning. He answered all of our (MANY) questions and set our minds at ease! His special focus in assiting Christians with faith based medical directives was an added bonus. Thank you Cim. 

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  • 3/9/21 Estate Planning Client
    The Gilson Law Firm helped us with Estate Planning and advance directives. He did a very thorough job in a safe COVID free environment. 

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  • 1/22/21 Probate Client
    Mr. Gilson went above and beyond. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner. Cimarron kept me informed every step of the way, and made me feel as if I was family. Mr. Gilson was always there to explain documents and had great communication about information duri…

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  • 12/17/20 Probate Clients
    The work Mr. Gilson provided was affordable and thorough. Mr. Gilson himself was very honest, knowledgeable, and reliable throughout the whole process. We were kept up to date on everything going on, and there was great communication the whole time. My entire family felt…

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  • 10/5/20 Estate Planning Client
    I was very pleased with my interaction with Mr.Gilson and his team! They had excellent service and step-by-step instructions on what, and how, we could get my legal needs accomplished. I would recommend this firm without hesitation!

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  • 8/21/20 Business Owner Clients
    Mr. Gilson has prepared our will, helped establish our Trust, and reviewed everything before being signed. He is the one I consult for all our legal issues. Mr. Gilson has always provided excellent service at a reasonable cost. I have referred several people to him…

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  • 7/11/20 Estate Planning Clients
    Mr. Gilson and his staff were very professional and friendly which made this process much easier. 

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  • 5/21/20 Estate Planning Clients
    This is the perfect small firm to handle affairs. Mr. Gilson and his team had great communication the entire time, and always kept us informed of what was going on. Mr. Gilson is very professional and thorough, and we will certainly seek Mr. Gilson’s advice for fu…

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  • 5/12/20 Estate Planning Client
    I attended one of Mr. Gilson’s seminars, and was throughly impressed with his knowledge and understanding of these matters. I later hired Mr. Gilson to aide in legal matters, and the experience was great.  Mr. Gilson was very helpful, and everything was completed i…

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  • 5/12/20 Probate Client
    I truly could not handle this situation. Thanks to Mr. Gilson everything was handled in a timely manner, and he answered all questions I had and ensured I was kept up to date on what was happening. I will definitely be using Gilson Law offices again.

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  • 4/20/20 Estate Planning Clients
    Mr. Gilson provided great advice that coincided with the guidelines of the Catholic Church. He made the process very easy, and everything was done in a timely manner. Mr. Gilson and his staff were very responsive and explained all information in terms we understoo…

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  • 3/9/20 Estate Planning Clients
    Mr. Gilson was referred to us by various members of our church, and he handled our legal matters very well. Mr. Gilson was professional and friendly, and always explained matters in layman’s terms. There were no delays in terms of our legal matters, and they were a…

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  • 2/26/20 Family Law Client
    I am grateful for the services I received from Gilson Law Firm. Cim Gilson and his office staff were very attentive and respectful in addressing my needs. Cim represents the commitment of the Guadalupe Radio Network and is a prime example of a servant leader who provide…

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  • 2/25/20 Estate Planning Clients
    We were very pleased with the service we received from Gilson Law firm. The fact that this firm was close and followed guidelines of the Catholic Church was surely a plus to this establishment. Mr. Gilson and his staff had great communication with us throughout th…

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  • 1/11/20 Estate Planning Client
    Mr. Gilson treated me with great respect and dignity. I was adequately informed on the legal matters and was very happy with the legal service provided. All documents were explained and all of my questions were answered. I have referred Mr. Gilson to my family and …

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  • 10/21/19 Estate Planning Clients
    We had a very pleasant experience, and we highly recommend Mr. Gilson.

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  • 9/22/19 Estate Planning Clients
    We were very happy with the estate planning documentation provided by Cim and his team. He delivered the documentation when promised, and the entire package of documents was competitively priced. I highly recommend Gilson Law Firm, PLLC for anyone’s estate plannin…

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  • 8/28/19 Probate Client
    Mr. Gilson helped make us aware of all of my options. He explained everything in detail and was to the point on everything. My situation was dealt with in a timely matter, and I experienced no delays during the entire process. I have used Mr. Gilson before, and I have alwa…

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